Covenant-WoW Features

While we have made very little changes to how vanilla WoW works, the following few things are in place to make life easier for the players.


• Friend list - You can add players to your friend list from the opposite faction.
• Characters - You can have characters on both factions under one account.
Group Party - You can group up with players in the opposite faction. Simply type /invite while they are highlighted. This works for quests too!
• Dungeons & Raids - We have made it so you can enter dungeons as a cross-faction group together! This is also currently setup for raids.
• Guilds - Guilds may have players of the opposite faction.
Chat - Cross-faction chat is intentionally disabled for zone channels, /say and /yell. It does however work in whisper, group, guild and raid chats.
Trade - You can trade with players of the opposite faction.
Mail - You may send mail to players of the opposite faction.
Who-list - Is currently enabled for cross-faction.

Instant Max Level

Players can speak with the covenant NPCs at anytime in starting zones who will give them the option to become max level with 1000 gold.

• This is a player choice, you can level normally if you wish (most players do).
It should be noted that this change is one way, you cannot go back and it only works once per character.
The instant max level is only on for as long as the admin team decide, it may be withdrawn at any time.