The Covenant-WoW servers started in 2013 by MadMax are ran as test servers officially for getMaNGOS.eu

 The servers are never wiped or reset, instead we reguarly apply fixes and updates from the MaNGOS projects directly to the servers.

 The servers also have the added benefit in that they are monitored by the Development team, allowing the team to detect and fix critical bugs slightly quicker then they otherwise would.

 Covenant-WoW also uses a "living world" setup allowing us to load every outdoor world NPC and allowing them to move just as they would on official Blizzard servers.

We do give players the choice of leveling up or using a Covenant-WoW starting area NPC to become max level and get some basic high tier gear for their class (Pve gear only).
We do not provide end-tier gear as this is something we expect people to work for, so you would expect to receive a high level DUNGEON-set if taking this route.