Website updated!

We have updated this website (May 2024), the backend is now significantly faster then the previous.

Please post any feedback in the comments here, forums or discord.

To max level or not? Instant max level option is your decision

When joining we are providing players the option of speaking to an NPC in starting areas to gain max level + gold + dungeon set 2!

The choice is entirely yours, you can use this option once per character, there is no going back unless you remake your character.

To get the above offer you just need to speak to Jaoron Olyth (Alliance) or Urag Gunaakt (Horde). These vendors will get more options but we wanted to get them out there.

For additional items such as weapons players will be relying on the auction house, to give you a truely random chance of which weapons, trinkets and rings you can get.

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